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All OSes. All licences. Software Free Winpc-nc light demo download Soft You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Download Now! Winpc-nc light demo download 1. Direct link. Last update 10 May. Users rating:. This class of personal control systems is considered now to be the most perspective class of new-generation systems.

He system uses the winpc-nc light demo download processor, providing all necessary functions, including cycle logic.

The hardware is submitted by the apparatus of the personal computer with additional interface modules for connections with servo-drives, spindle units, cycle-logic drives and the operator panel. All these devices are available today at the computer market; consequently, there is no necessity to organize some special production of numerical control systems.

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Winpc-nc light demo download


Lawful purchase of the diskette and the manual conveys permission for one person to utilise the WinPC-NC control program. Copying the diskette and the manual or changing any of the individual files or elements of the manual are forbidden. Furthermore any unauthorized transmission of the program or wunpc-nc of it will be legally prosecuted by all available means.

The authors reserve all rights to the programs and to the manual, in particular the copyright. This control program has undergone extremely thorough testing. Nevertheless, it is impossible to give a guarantee for completely fault-free operation. Winpc-nc light demo download, no responsibility can be accepted for damage caused as a result of using our program.

Despite the most strenuous efforts, it is never possible to completely eliminate all faults. Consequently, we would be grateful to receive feedback from users. Please note that support assistance and reduced updates are only available for registered customers. In order to be registered please send us a mail indicating version number and serial number either noted on the CD or visible in the program window as well as your complete address. Please register your licence!!!! MS-Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

Other products mentioned by name are trademarks or registered trademarks of their winpc-nc light demo download companies. Table of contents The structure of this manual First steps Requirements to the PC hardware Possible restrictions during realtime operation Launching the winpc-nc light demo download First steps and test moves Graphical display of the NC file Drop-down menus and function keys The individual menus FILE menu MOVE menu HELP menu Parameter settings Tool management Data format and associated parameters Miscellaneous parameters Signals and dwell times Machine parameters Initial start-up with the machine Connecting the machine Pinning of SMC version Determination of axis resolution Definiton of LPT port Determination of move direction Adjustment of reference switches Sequence and direction of reference move Control downlooad adjustments Additional steps Signal wizzard Using input and output einpc-nc Assignment of inputs Assignment of output liness Input signals available Output signals available Additional information Drilling formats Error winpc-nc light demo download The structure of this manual It is divided into individual chapters, the contents of which are summarised below: Chapter Initial start-up procedure, description of how to install the program and how to dpwnload the initial specific parameters.

Further нажмите чтобы прочитать больше information about the program, winpc-nc light demo download the implemented NC format interpreters, error messages and special versions. Definitions Some of the terms used in this manual may require an explanation: Job file or NC file.

Ljght on the application, the file may contain milling, plotting, drilling data or other types of data. The process of reading and processing a job file and the resultant actuation of the machine.

Box for activating or deactivation a certain parameter or function, e. An activated checkbox is marked with a cross. Descriptions of the machine and the winpc-nc light demo download directions of the individual axes are made with reference to the following mechanical layout of a flat-bed machine.

The assignment of axes depend on your personal position and your viewport to the machine. WinPC-NC Economy is equipped with additional functions and xender software download for pc with up to four axes a lot of special functions and provides support of extraordinary mechanical components.

This program disposes of much more format interpreters as the version for beginners. WinPC-NC Professional is considered as industrial version and runs only in combination with our external axes controller CPU and is therefore most qualified for all true realtime tasks.

The program is fairly independent of windows speed and provides besides utmost stability and reliability additional professional technology functions. WinPC-NC is a software program which takes any standard personal computer and turns it into a universal NC control system for up to 3 axes.

By 3 stepper motor axes it is possible to realize any 2. Standard applications contain: Drilling Plotting Grinding Dispensing. Iwnpc-nc extensive range of options for setting parameters means the program can be adapted to almost all axis machines.

Clearly WinPC-NC offers a well thought-out and modern operating concept structured incorporating drop-down menus and a windows management system operator interface with mouse and keyboard operation. Cownload makes it easy to learn and master the program. Runs on any modern PC. Each version disposes of an individual motor signal, a reversal function of the program is not winpc-nc light demo download. This is due to the electrical and technical structure of the SMC cards. In order to make this procedure possible, a real time driver has been installed in the lowest plane of the operating system downlowd the necessary timers and mechanisms.

A faultless operation is therefore only guaranteed with Personal computers with certain minimum winpc-nc light demo download requirements. Detailed information and tips for selecting the suitable computer can be learned from downnload support information documents. Possible restrictions during realtime operation A reliable realtime operation under Windows depends on many different factors and can be affected by many running actions.

Disturbances by other programs lead normally to dwmo irregular and rough motor run. Sometimes it winpc-nc light demo download happen that the machine will act completely uncontrolled. Media-Player or other highspeed start-up programs awaiting in the background certain user actions.

In general it is recommended to remove or deactivate all programs which are not required. Notebooks often cause much more problems than desktops computers because the essential signals of the printer port often do not meet the electrical requirements. Detailed information and tips for selecting the suitable unit are given with additional support information.

WinPC-NC is installed using a user-friendly setup program. Please insert the disk into the drive and wait for automatic installation EXE directly from the CD. The installation wizard then guides you through the entire procedure. These changes are additional features included after the manual was written.

Control program Parameter file Tool file Help texts Messages and texts, multilingual Realtime driver Latest changes to the manual Some files needed in the system folders Sample NC files.

Launching the program WinPC-NC winpc-nc light demo download launched simply by clicking the desktop icon or by means of the start menu. After a short time the window of downoad realtime module appears in the upper left corner of the screen and in the middle the WinPC-NC working screen which is divided into several areas.

The title bar and menu bar are located at the top edge of the screen. The drop-down menus open from the menu bar. The quick speed buttons enable you winpc-nc light demo download select important functions winpc-nc light demo download by clicking with the mouse.

The status bar at the bottom displays information about the operating status of the software and the machine, or else a help text about the functions which are currently active. Buttons for operating the display and the tools are located in the second button bar.

Realtime winpc-nc light demo download with own window.


Winpc-nc light demo download

When delivered the LPT port address is registered under hex. The optimum values for an axis have been achieved if the motor starts up quickly without step losses, and is still able to develop sufficient torque at maximum speed. A drilling file always starts with one or two percent signs and ends with the command M User Settings. In addition to the predefined distances, it is possible to enter any distance in the text box.


[Winpc-nc light demo download

Lawful purchase of the diskette and the manual conveys permission for one person to utilise the WinPC-NC control program.

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