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Metalogic Finance Explorer is a free program that allows you to manage your personal finances. NeatWorks enables you to scan receipts, business cards and documents so you can organize, store and secure all your important information. This program allows the user to easily import their credit card charges and credits into QuickBooks in just a few clicks.

Gallery Factory Deluxe , a tool that Gallery Factory Deluxe Choose a greeting Windows Mac. Windows Users’ choice Quicken deluxe. Check Printer. Excel to QIF Converter. Metalogic Finance Explorer. Top positive review. The first transaction in my Quicken Checking account is dated January 31, I have used this product almost daily since then to manage our financial life. I admit to being a bit over the top with the detail.

I use the home inventory module and log serial numbers of anything that has one. You get the idea – I have quite a bit of experience with this product. I have never upgraded every year. Usually every two or three and for the last upgrades only do so when “forced” because Intuit cripples the ability to download transactions after three years. I have been folowing the version since it came out because I knew I was going to be forced into it and many of the reviews have been morbid.

This weekend I read all the new reviews and determined that I would go for it based on Release 10 seeming to be more stable and with less complaining from the Amazon reviewers.

Today I backed up my Quicken file numerous times it is irreplacable and downloaded the product from Amazon. I validated my Quicken file before upgrading and started the process. The data file conversion took about 20 minutes or more and I noticed it parsed through , items. You must be patient with a large data file. At times it appears the application freezes as it is converting items and price histories and such. Be patient. I am happy to report that everything went smoothly and all of my accounts and balances came through beautifully.

The product is not much different than my version. After running through it for about an hour or so here are my initial observations. Pros- You can close accounts now which is a nice feature. There is more detail on your spending and income items which is nice. I don’t use the budget modules which have had a lot of improvement supposedly so I can’t really review that.

I like some of the different views and the biggest bonus is that I had one Barclay Credit Card account that was very stubborn to download and it is working nicely under There are some nice “what if ” scenarios in the loan modules.

Cons – There is no more button or selection to make a loan payment. You have to do this from a memorized transaction in the loan account. I set up the mobile cloud service and four of my accounts were not synching.

I have not put any effort into troubleshooting and the mobile concept is nice but it’s not a deal breaker for me. I will update after I have worked with it for a while. I know to the penny how much I have spent on everything since not to mention net worth and investment performance and I suspect this new version will keep me going until the folks at Intuit force my hand again. Top critical review. Its okay, I will get over it. Quicken is like a bad customer service phone call: its aggravating, its what I use because I need to, I don’t have to like it, but it gets the job done.

I tried to give it 2 stars “I don’t like it” but I could not honestly say that. For instance, like calling a customer support line, when I negotiate the new and improved phone tree, and then a company eventually gives me a refund or provides the warranty service promised even after a long wait on the phone , have I prevailed? Am I frustrated and even a little outraged? But its okay and I will get over it.

Okay, enough with the analogy already. As most others have stated, Quicken “has to be updated” every 2 or 3 years. What drives this? The banks? I sure doubt it — Intuit Quicken’s manufacturer does not blame it on anyone, so it must be their policy. Yes people do buy Quicken in early , its available at a bargain rate! Like Microsoft’s Windows, they know they have a large segment of the market share.

They can make their software better, and change the features, and make the previous version obsolete. It doesn’t matter to THEM that you — the end user, the customer — are used to the old features and don’t want to learn new ways of accomplishing the routine tasks the software does for you. Imagine THAT! But seriously, that planned obsolescence ought to be against the law. Customization of reports — sorry, based on Quicken , which was only slightly different from the previous 2 versions I used– could be improved.

But other than that, the workhorse engine for how I use the software is reliable and powerful. And that is what I will describe next. First: the checkbook or account register is intuitive, and relatively easy to use. Like I said before, the buttons are not in the same places as Quicken ! ARGH, years getting used to a software program only to have it “improved” for me. It includes features like memorized payees, finding transactions in account histories, recurring transactions and reminders, suggested automation for frequently used payees or deposits, and the ability to make an entry name whatever you want it to be, based on what your bank called it.

Second: investments. Quicken tracks transactions you make in stocks and bonds as long as you can get online with your broker to download the info. So your k, IRA, or simple investments fund is going to work well here. Quicken can identify new securities stocks and suggest making them new or associating them with a previously used ticker. Why in the world a mutual fund with a different ticker would possibly be the same as a different mutual fund with a different name and a different ticker, I will never know, but Quicken would allow you to do that if its what you want.

Transactions are recorded in much the same way that they are online. If you are a sophisticated trader, you are probably using some better software. I lump all this together because its functionality that is either built-in and used all the time, or something you take for granted and only use once in a while. It makes the whole thing work together and you can see where your money comes from and where it went.

Categories and tax-related transactions are good. Tagging is a new concept and I am not sure what I would use it for its different than categories. Account management is good and the ability to see or hide accounts comes in handy. Net worth calculation is kind of neat and the ability to change what is seen on your Quicken “home page” is nice this feature was already present in As soon as someone else gets this right who knows, maybe there is already another program out there that does I will probably switch to them.

Tax-related expenditures, tracking and predicting income taxes, and so on, is a feature that I do not use personally, but it looks like it works fine and it would probably come in handy if you are “OCD” enough to stay on top of it. If you set up the tax-related features and use them faithfully, then April 15th would hold no fear for you or your accountant would be impressed I suppose.

Overall: its worth it I guess. I will get over the “monopoly-like” hold that Intuit has on the automatic banking download features of money management software. Heh, just writing this review has helped.

A little. Sort by. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers. All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars.

Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. From the United States. Verified Purchase. Showing 0 comments. There was a problem loading comments right now. I had been a die hard Money user for over 12 years until Microsoft decided to pull the plug on it. I got so used to managing my finances with Money and having my bills automated that at first I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Certainly I knew about Quicken but I had read and heard so many negative things about it that I didn’t even consider switching over.

I searched for other options but quite frankly I couldn’t find anything that came close to matching the features and functionality I had grown used to in Money. I was really pissed off at Microsoft at this point for abandoning Money and its huge customer base.

I kept using Money until finally my banks and other financial institutions sent me notices that they were no longer going to support Money and that I would no longer be able to automatically download my statements. I could probably have continued by downloading my statements in QIF format and loading them manually into Money but that would have defeated one of the primary reasons I loved using Money in the first place; automation of my finances so I can spend my free time doing other things.

I came to realize that Quicken and its advertised functionality was really the only other product out there at the time that was going to be a viable replacement for Money, otherwise I was going back to manually doing everything with my spreadsheets.

So I spent some time researching Quicken on the internet. I learned a lot. One thing I did notice is that Quicken seemed to respond to customer feedback pretty quickly when an issue was raised.

I decided to give Quicken a chance. So in Oct I purchased Quicken Deluxe My Money file had 8 years of data in it. I was never able to make use of that archive function in Money. It always seemed corrupt my data file. So I did not opt for the Money file conversion. I simply installed Quicken, recreated all my categories and sub-categories and started building new financial data to do analytics on.

The installation was flawless. For me, everything about the interface seemed intuitive and made sense. I was up and running in a couple hours, only because I do a lot with categories and sub-categories and it took some time to recreate 8 yrs worth of them.

I particularly like the reports you can build in Quicken and the slicing and dicing you can do with your financial data. In many respects it is a far superior product to anything Microsoft Money ever was. When Quicken was released and the mobile functionality was introduced, of course that piqued my interest.

After reading the reviews on Amazon and seeing feedback on other forums, I decided to hold off on upgrading until Intuit could resolve issues many folks seemed to be experiencing. I finally made my move at the end of Dec And just like when I first installed the version, the installation and conversion over to Quicken went smoothly and without incident.

I setup my cloud acct, installed the Quicken app on my Note 2 and on the first try all my data synced to my phone.

I have been very pleased with Quicken and hope that others will benefit from my review here. I have used Quicken for our finances for over 15 years. However, I am an old dog who doesn’t like new tricks, so I stubbornly stuck to using Quicken until I upgraded to The need to automate entries yes, I know, why didn’t I do this 10 years ago? I tried Mint first, but needed to use my own categories which Mint does not allow you to customize since I have over 15 years of data behind them.

So Mint didn’t work for me. I’ve been using Quicken for several weeks now. So far, I can still do everything that is important to me: budgeting, savings goals, reporting, categorizing and tracking our expenses.

If there were earlier issues with this, they have been resolved. I am not a heavy user of investment features – so I cannot speak to the usability of those. I cannot emphasize enough how much more efficient using Quicken has become with the mobile app option since I can update and categorize anywhere.

I have a very active lifestyle and can find very little time to be in front of my computer, but am in the car all the time – sitting a stop lights, in school car pool lines , etc.

The only reason I am not giving this 5 stars is because I do feel that there is a bit more “searching” for functions required: eg. Please, please, Intuit, produce an equivalent product for a Mac!! I have been using Quicken software for many years and although I share the sentiments of others regarding the cost of upgrading, I feel it is a necessary evil given the overall benefit had I chose not to upgrade. Intuit is a for-profit company and it’s my opinion, they have the edge over any other personal finance software maker in the market.

I have used MS Money before, and yes, it’s also a decent product, but Microsoft decided to focus more on their edge, OS software, which I am sure eased the minds over there at Intuit. I have never been one to use, let alone, reconcile a personal checkbook manually and when I found Quicken some years ago, a new world opened up for me. Throughout the past several years, I have utilized Quicken’s bill management model, asset model, investment model, budget model, and many other caveats this powerful tool has to offer.

In my mind, it’s a huge leap from where I was financially before I even heard the word Quicken. I read all these negative reviews and most hinge on compatibility issues stemming from older versions or quite simply, the cost of upgrading. Ask yourself if using Quicken in the long run has saved you money and I bet the answer is “of course, and not just some money, but a lot of money”. Who cares what your getting in the upgrade, even if it is minor or not even relevant to your life when using Quicken, it’s a compass giving you a direction, I suggest follow it.

At some point, if Mint integrates the same functionality as Quicken, I may venture to having my personal financial framework managed in an online environment, but until then I will continue to use Quicken and be a better man for it. To those who want to spend their time complaining about issues that I am sure are simple fixes if you have patience and a little tenacity, simply take a deep breath and approach the problem with an open mind.

No doubt the problem will be sorted out either by you not accepting defeat on your own, or by talking to several people if that’s what it takes. Bottom line, Quicken won my vote then and it continues to win my vote.

Oh, and lastly, I love Quicken Deluxe Cheers everyone, and Ghandi said it best, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I last used Q for my checkbook balance and not much else. Manual updates were a pain and were not getting done consistently. Thus, I decided to upgrade to Q via download from Amazon , but with trepidation given all the bad reviews and scores slanted to the low numbers.

I am happy to say that my worst fears were not realized. Things in general were smoother than I expected. And the features in the new were and are useful and value adding especially compared to what I had been used to with Q Those with Q,11, or 12 may already have seen some of these, but for me, things are very different. The navigation is useful, the displays are logical, flexible, and present information in a way to help and inform.

Overall I could not be more pleased and hence the time to write this review, perhaps to “balance” things a bit. I had several challenges, which may confront someone who is updating a very old, out of date, version. The download process was flawless. The update and the data conversion step was also flawless. My main problem was in getting the Auto Update download data to work.



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